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The Unifiedfield‘s Artist-In-Residence (AIR) programme offers to artists a very special experience to create work in the Spanish city of Granada, one of the most beautiful cities in the world. The space is a charming old antique apartment located right in the middle of the old town (Albayzín) on Carrera Del Darro, an emblematic street in Granada with direct views to the Moorish palace the Alhambra.

Access to The Unifiedfield’s artist residency programme is open to all artists, musicians, writers and curators without restriction, but priority will be given to artists working on the experimental and interdisciplinary fringes.

The Unifiedfield will select the most interesting proposals, in terms of quality and artistic interest, from the total number of applications. For artists who apply, this is a production-based residency where The Unifiedfield will assist the participants in the development of a new project or the continuation of an existing one, and at the end of the residency the participants will be asked to give a public presentation in Granada about the work produced / developed during the residency. Eventually if circumstances allow, under the discretion of The Unifiedfield, we can organize several other national and continental presentations for further promotion of the artists internationally.

The Unifiedfield will be working closely with the selected artists to seek the subvention needed to cover the Residency Fees as well as the necessary support for the artist’s production cost, living expenses, travel expenses and fees.

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Ever mindful that its main focus is on artistic production, The Unifiedfield, for instance, does not possess a permanent exhibition area, but has instead a versatile space used for both artist studios and for public presentations / screenings. Genuinely attentive to artists’ needs, The Unifiedfield remains flexible and is always ready to adapt itself and if the occasion arises where a larger space is required for a certain event, The Unifiedfield can collaborate locally and internationally with other art spaces and institutions.


2013 Artists-In-Residence:

Harry Chew

The aim of Harry Chew´s residency is to further explore and document Tara’s life touring in Europe, her day to day activities and interviewing friends who knew her when she was Marc. The wide spectrum of interviews- from gender studies experts to international artists to friends here in Granada- will further reveal Tara’s kaleidoscopic world and highlight topics regarding transsexualism and art.

During his residency at The Unifiedfield (15th of April – 15th of May), Harry Chew will present some fragments of his documentary Tara and use the opportunity to have a discussion with the audience present regarding the topics that surround his latest work.

+ info: The Unifiedfield Programme#16.

Harry_Chew_One Man Nation tour

2012 Artists-In-Residence:

Pierre Bastien + Truna

Truna : experimental musician from Valencia, Spain. He will be developing in Granada a new improvisation setup as part of his collaboration with One Man Nation.

Pierre Bastien: French multi-instrumentalist, considered on the international music scene “the pioneer of some of the latest sound discourses within experimental and electronic music”. Pierre will be coming to The Unifiedfield in November to work together in a new collaborative project with One Man Nation which will conclude with a production of a vinyl and in a live performance at The Arts House in Singapore (organized by The Unifiedfield with the support of the National Arts Council and the Institut Français).

+ info: The Unifiedfield Programme#15.

Mecanation + Truna at The Unifiedfield, Granada from The Unifiedfield on Vimeo.


Zihan Loo

Zihan Loo : artist from Singapore whose work is anchored in the moving image and extends to performance and mixed-media installations.

“I will present the research process and materials for my next experimental video piece titled ‘Duende’. This project in progress takes inspiration from Federico Garcia Lorca’s ‘Ode to Walt Whitman’ and the Grenadian poet’s letters from New York. It will be the third part of a trilogy of experimental essay films that I have been working on since 2009. These first two pieces, ‘Aemaer’ (2010) and ‘Chancre’ (2011) will be screened as part of my presentation‘ In Search of Duende’ at the end of my residency at The Unifiedfield (1st – 15th of July)”.

+ info: The Unifiedfield Programme#14.

Kai Lam

Kai Lam, an interdisciplinary artist from Singapore, developed the new performance / installation ‘Kai Lam Sucks Big Time‘ at The Unifiedfield from the 16th of June till the 3rd of July 2012. He also conducted a free workshop on Circuit Bending.

“My work is about us as hybrid beings, how cultural surrogation takes shape and is built through the process of performance and proliferates into the possibility of cultural and political freedom. Performance is not made to serve anything, but it is a repeated act of resistance against the dominant cultural hegemony that has become an authoritarian machinery which systematically oppresses individual freedom and restricts the evolution of human creativity. As an artist working with such contradictions, I expect to articulate my own system of representation and a humanity that perpetuates the body in my own perplexed and plural existence”.

+ info: The Unifiedfield Programme#13.

Zul Mahmod

Zul Mahmod: sound artist from Singapore who stayed at The Unifiedfield Artist-In-Residence [AIR] Programme from the 15th of May till the 15th of June working on his project Imaginary City, Granada.

“The objective of this project is to create a new body of work and investigate the sound ecology in different cities. For my residency at The UnifiedField, Granada, I will be recording sound from the city of Granada and combining it with sound from Singapore, Hong Kong and Ptuj and sound from my DIY sound instruments. These sounds will be layered together during a live sound performance”.

+ info: The Unifiedfield Programme#12.

* Zul concluded his residency with presentations and performances in Granada (The Unifiedfield, 03/06/2012), Madrid (La Bagatela, 08/06/2012) and Valencia (Plutón, espacio híbrido, 09/06/2012).