Programme#20 [Tania De Rozario: The Devil Un-Dressed]

diciembre 6th, 2013 |  Published in News

22/12/2013, 20.00h*
* (la hora del póster es incorrecta)
Programme#20 en Granada.


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´The Devil Un-Dressed’: un proyecto de Tania De Rozario producido en el programa de artistas-en-residencia The Unifiedfield / el campo unificado sobre lo monstruoso femenino en el cine de terror asiático.

“I’ve always been fascinated with how female horror figures are constructed, and in particular how the construction of the female villain in Asian horror often revolves around tensions between agency and oppression: On one hand, the typical female ghost is an autonomous character who seeks justice on her own terms; on another, agency is only granted in death and in the demonization of her person as villain. Visually and narratively, elements of the “horrific” are also derived from the woman’s failings in traditional gender roles: Virgin, wife, daughter, sister, mother, sex object.

Even in the “Western” archetypes learned as a kid -The Vampire, The Werewolf, The Zombie, The Mummy – in no character was the element of horror so rooted in gender than in the The Witch. While fear of all the other villains was cultivated through a general defiance of the the laws of Life vs. Death and Human vs. Animal, fear of The Witch seemed to be derived precisely from her perversion of traditional femininity: (1) She is not a sex object: By normative standards, she is considered “old” and “ugly” and the opposite of sexually appealing. (2) She is not a homemaker: In fact, she uses tools of domesticity for evil, riding a broomstick and cooking up potions over her stove. (3) She is not a mother: She does not have children, she eats them. Ho ho ho. And of course extensions and variations of how traditional roles of woman/girl have been destroyed in order to create monstrosity is evident in classics such as the Alien trilogy, The Exorcist (which was actually based on the story Roland Doe, who was a boy and not a girl) and Psycho”.


Tania De Rozario es una artista, escritora y comisaria de Singapur interesada en temas de género y sexualidad. Cofundadora de EtiquetteSG, es la autora de “Tender Delirio” (Math Paper Press, 2013) y en 2011 fue la ganadora del premio de poesía en lengua inglesa Golden Point NAC-SPH. Actualmente está escribiendo su segundo libro “And The Walls Come Crumbling Down”.

Antigua alumna de Hedgebrook (EE.UU) y Sangan House (India), Tania también es una artista asociada con The Substation donde actualmente está trabajando en “Making Trouble”, un proyecto de investigación que documenta los vínculos entre el activismo y las artes visuales en la Singapur post-2000. Por otro lado, Tania trabaja independientemente como escritora y educadora de arte; es profesora de dibujo en The Substation e imparte clases de Estudios Contemporáneos Contextuales en LASALLE College of the Arts.


The Unifiedfield experimental art space. Carrera del Darro, 15, 2 dcha. Granada.