Programme#09 [Videos by Jennifer Campbell + Presentation by Audrey Samsom]

April 17th, 2011 |  Published in News

24/04/2011, 19.00h
Programme#09 in Granada.


Point no point and Precipitate, videoperformances by Jennifer Campbell (Canada).

Floss Narratives – Narrativas de código abierto: presentation by Audrey Samson (Canada), new media artist, researcher and a member of different collectives of women and technology. Her research focuses on the use of online medium for mourning purposes; the concept of finality in reproducible media; women’s relationship to technology and the affordances of the internet medium in telematic performance.

+ info:

Born in Vancouver, Jennifer Campbell now lives and works in Seattle. She completed her BFA-honours in 1998 at the University of Victoria and completed her MFA in photography at Concordia University (Montreal) in 2004.

Jennifer’s image-based practice explores the process and results of transformation through the use of her own body as a performative object. She draws upon a catalog of props – familiar and obscure, ready-made and invented, static and locomotive – constructing images by positioning these props together with her body in unaccustomed ways. By subverting her body through absurd and explicitly physical actions, she aims to convey certain subjective experiences that are beyond the scope of everyday life. Her investigations are meant to stimulate ideas and create situations that challenge the viewer to interpret, explore and re-imagine their own actions, emotions and thoughts in relation to the given physical and psychological environments.

Her work has been shown in solo exhibitions at Dazibao and Galerie B-312 (Montreal), Westspace (Melbourne), Axeneo7 (Gatineau) and 4Culture (Seattle), as well as group shows in Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, Seattle, San Francisco, Philadelphia and New York. She has also taken part in the LIVE Biennale in Vancouver where she created a live performance and video piece produced by the Grunt Gallery. Recently, she has received awards such as Landscape Instants from Centro de Arte y Naturaleza (Huesca) and the Juror’s Award at the Northwest Film Festival.


Point No Point by Jennifer Campbell (Canada, 2010) 00:03:58

Jennifer Campbell’s Point No Point documents a performance that offers novel contexts for the mind and body. Set against the iconic landscape of the Pacific Northwest, the artist is seen trudging through the ocean to become a human lighthouse. In this work, a sense of awe for the sublime can come as both homage and parody, by re-imagining beacons, signals and forces of nature.

Point No Point (excerpt) from jennifer campbell on Vimeo.

Precipitate by Jennifer Campbell (Canada, 2010) 00:03:43

In Precipitate, the artist is suspended in the air in the midst of a grove of trees, spouting water in the form of a human fountain. The video is meant to trigger various interpretations: lawn-sprinkler, black piñata having sprung many leaks, ninja, woodland creature, or sacrificial performance, all of which are informed by the context in which the action takes place.

Precipitate (excerpt) from jennifer campbell on Vimeo.