Programme#06 [The Unifiedfield opening with PSA Project by Cynthia Madansky]

February 28th, 2011 |  Published in News

06/03/2011, 19.00h
Programme#06: Opening of the new art space The Unifiedfield in Granada with PSA Project by Cynthia Madansky.


Cynthia Madansky is a painter and filmmaker based in Brooklyn NY and Istanbul. 
Madansky is a graduate of the Whitney Independent Study Program and completed her MFA at Rutgers University. She has presented her films at the Museum of Modern Art in New York (MOMA) and at international art spaces and festivals in Istanbul, Rotterdam, East and West Jerusalem, Caracas, Sydney, Paris, Montreal, Toronto, San Francisco among others. She is currently working on a film called 1+8 about Turkey and her 8 neighbors with Angelika Brudniak.

+ info:

The PSA Project (2005/06, 45 m. 16mm, super8 & video, co-directed with Elle Flanders) is an ongoing series of videos that speak out against the American invasion of Iraq and the act of war. Appropriating the fast-motion, color-saturated cinematography of the televised world, the videos sew together sounds and images both new and familiar to create a staggering, fresh, charting of war AND violence. By taking up its abbreviated, advert-like authority, the PSA Project interrupts a lulled media landscape to offer a startling visual reminder and protest of the American war in Iraq.

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