Nomadic Artist in Residence Program in The Philippines [March – April 2015: Stine Gro]

February 20th, 2015 |  Published in News

Stine Gro worked on a remote island in Surigao del Sur on her new project “Mechanic.Trans-natural/Nature.Trans- mechanic”. She also present her art project in Davao city (Silingan art space, 12th April / University of the Philippines Mindanao, 21st April) and conducted a workshop with local kids at The Unifiedfield’s headquarters in Mintal. A second workshop was conducted at the Earthship in Batug, Leyte, on how to build Magic Lanterns/Microscopic projectors (organized by The Unifiedfield in partnership with the Barangay Council of Brgy. Batug, and with the support of PeaceTauMindanaw, One Block for Batug, Earth Village. *Thanks to Gigi Velarde).

Residency project assisted by Ivan Zaldarriaga and Angely Chi.

* With the support of The Danish Arts Foundation.

For pictures, check Stine Gro’s album on Facebook!

Stine Gro (1987) is a Danish experimental artist based in Odense and Copenhagen, Denmark, Berlin, Germany and several other places. She holds a Master in Fine Arts from the Funen Art Academy, and has additionally studied at Kunsthochschule Berlin Weißensee, Fatamorgana the Danish School of Art Photography and the Short-, and Documentary-film school in Denmark. By working with a low-fi phenomenological meeting between analog, organic and digital objects, she juxtaposes the realm of science and the realm of experimentation, creating cinematic compositions and installations that investigates the co-existence between movement and light.

She has exhibited work nationally and internationally, including Germany, Norway, India and the Philippines and draws a lot of her inspiration from the various uses of materials in different parts of the world.

She was previously nominated for the Jury-prize at the Charlottenborg Spring-exhibition in Copenhagen, Denmark, and is currently funded by the Danish Arts Foundation.


“The project  I am planning to do at The Unifiedfield AIR Program in The Philippines has the working title ‘Mechanic.Trans-natural/Nature.Trans- mechanic’. It takes its starting point in the juxtaposition between technology and the very diffuse concept of nature and natural forces. I plan to build a machine inspired by a dias-projector driven by different natural forces such as wind-energy, sun and moon light, ect. It will consist of a homemade windmill that creates electricity to the different parts inside the machine. Those would be a light bulb, lighting up image material from behind, and travelling through a lense and creating an image on a surface outside of the machine. A small engine will also be connected to the windmill, slowly turning around and through that process shifting the “image”, just as in a dias projector. The projector will potentially become a big stucture, more than one meter long . The projector is dependent on the weather. Sometimes it will run slow and with hardly no light when hardly no wind is present, and other times it will run fast and have a very strong image.

As a background for the project I am researching in the term “the Circardian rythm”, that is the name of the rythm within humans as well as plants, that gives us a feeling and sense of circular rythm, repeating day after day. The theory is explaining this concept as a constant, which is not necessarily dependent on the surroundings. I want the machine that I will build in the recidency to explore this idea of a circular rythm, as being more fluid and inconsequent as stated. The machine will therefore demonstrate a poetic little story about the rythm time and how it is fluid and depending on its surroundings. The machine will show a row of images or objects that will circulate with the little engine, and shift places in front of the lense, these objects/images will be choosen out in the area of the residency, but shall all have a connection to the concept of time and repetition”.

Orbital Projector from Stine Gro on Vimeo.