Programme#21 [Transduction: a residency project by Kristina Guison]

May 25th, 2014 |  Published in News

Programme#21 in Granada.
24th July 2014, 21.00 h: artist talk + performative sound / light installation

Kristina Guison is a Filipino-Canadian artist, currently based in Toronto. The subject matter of her works revolve around the personal, psychological, socio-cultural and political impacts and drives that constitute our perception of presence and absence in the heavily globalized and precarious, 21st century landscape. She explores the state of “fragmented existence” through her light/sound installations and project experimentations on the mechanics of scientific and musical instruments.

The scope of her educational background and practice intersects between commercial, fine arts and community-based art. She has been heavily involved in the Filipino-Canadian art community since 2009 by being involved in the Kapisanan Philippine arts and culture centre as a program participant, workshop facilitator, program coordinator, board member and resident artist in 2011. She had participated in artist residencies with Kapisanan Philippine Arts and Culture Centre (non-profit organization based in Toronto), Carlos Celdran (a cultural/political activist and artist based in Manila) and The Unifiedfield (an independent, artist-run organization based in Granada) over the past recent years. In 2012, she conducted a cultural-immersion and experimental research on the traditional tattooing culture in Southeast Asia (The Philippines, Malaysian Borneo, Thailand, Cambodia and Indonesia).

Currently a 3rd year student in OCAD U (Ontario College of Art and Design University) in Toronto, she continues to address, and to a great extent, celebrate the “state-of-fragmented-existence-in-the-state-of-constant-fragmentation” through experiential works that amalgamate the traditional, esoteric and cultural with the scientific, digital and mechanical.



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TRANSDUCTION is a process of “leading across”; a process of conversion, transportation, alteration. Transducers are devices that convert signals; energies are transformed from one kind into another. The presence in motion is altered; the thing that leaves is not the same thing that arrives. Points of origin and destination do not remain as they are, the moment one departs from and lands on them. What one consciously and unconsciously keeps and loses, stays with and misses, remembers and forgets, moves towards to and moves away from, shapes our form and determines our trajectories.

The tangible and intangible forms that produce or are produced within a process of transduction are the main points of focus for the immersion/research component of the project. The light and sound produced by musical instruments, metal/wood shop tools and machines and other devices that serve as transducers are to be collected, interpreted and arranged in an installation of synchronized sound, light and motion.

The project is an amalgamation of the audio-visual field recordings/fragments collected in 2012 during the artist’s experimental research on the traditional tattooing culture in Southeast Asia, in 2013 during the Nomadic artist-in-residence Reverb project with The Unifiedfield across the Philippines, in the fall of 2012 and winter of 2013 in Ontario College of Art and Design University campus in Toronto and in July 2014 during The Unifiedfield Artist-in-Residence program in Granada, Spain

The recordings will be combined with found objects in the city and turned into an interactive, experiential installation/performance of the combined artifacts (tangible and intangible, present and absent) as they are activated, projected, amplified, magnified, collected, created and experienced simultaneously.