ENG// The Unifiedfield is an independent art space and artist-run organization focusing on the experimental aspects of sound, video and performance art. It previously occupied a traditional complex amongst rice fields in Yogyakarta (Indonesia), subsequently moving into a cave in Granada (Spain) before settling in an antique building nestled in Granada’s historic Moorish quarters, the Albayzín, where it has been running its artist residency for the last three years. In 2013 The Unifiedfield initiated its Nomadic Artist-in-Residence Program in The Philippines, which last cycle concluded in April 2015. This residency is working in partnership with the Balud Art Network, a program under SwitoTwins, Inc. a SEC-registered private organization in the Philippines.

ES// The Unifiedfield / el campo unificado es un colectivo de artistas autogestionado y espacio artístico independiente centrado en los aspectos experimentales del sonido, el vídeo y el arte de performance. The Unifiedfield instaló su primera sede en un complejo tradicional rodeado de arrozales en Yogyakarta (Indonesia); posteriormente se trasladó a una cueva en Granada (España), para finalmente establecerse en un antiguo edificio ubicado en el barrio histórico del Albayzín, donde los últimos tres años se ha llevado a cabo una residencia artística. En 2013 The Unifiedfield inició un programa nómada de artistas en residencia en Filipinas; el último ciclo de este programa concluyó en abril de 2015. Para las próximas convocatorias The Unifiedfield trabajará conjuntamente con SwitoTwins, Inc, una organización registrada legalmente en Filipinas.

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The Unifiedfield Nomadic Artist-in-Residence Program in The Philippines.

The Unifiedfield Videoperformance series at The Cinematheque of Davao [12 & 13 June].
Featuring the works by: Nerea Martinez de Lecea, Charlotte Bean, Jennifer Campbell, Martha Atienza, Laura Brinkmann, Sarah Dahnke, Kai Lam & Yuzuru Maeda, Marta Moreno Muñoz.

Full program: www.theunifiedfield.org/archives/4803

24 & 25 January 2015 at The Substation [Singapore]:
CHECK the videos of the festival on VIMEO!

Singaporean Experimental Artists at The Unifiedfield AIR Programme, organised by The Unifiedfield with the support of The Substation and the National Arts Council.

The Unifiedfield is proud to present the outcome of the projects produced by the experimental Singaporean artists who participated since 2012 at The Unifiedfield´s Artist-in-Residence (AIR) Programme in Granada, Spain. A showcase with live performances, experimental music, screenings, artist talks and workshops. Artists: Zulkifle Mahmod, Kai Lam, Zihan Loo, Harry Chew, Angie Seah, Bani Haykal and Shahila Baharom, Shaun Sankaran and Natasha Noor, Tania De Rozario, Tara Transitory aka One Man Nation, Marta Moreno Muñoz.

Special thanks to co-organizer Shahila Baharom.

Link full program: www.theunifiedfield.org/archives/4294


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‘//gender|o|noise\\’, live sound performance by One Man Nation, aka Tara Transitory [25/01/2015. The Substation, Singapore] from The Unifiedfield on Vimeo.

+info about the workshop: here

[LAST ARTISTS at The Unifiedfield Nomadic Artist-in-Residence Program in The Philippines: TERUE YAMAUCHI (JP), STINE GRO (DK)]:

February -March 2015: Terue Yamauchi is an interdisciplinary artist based in Fukuoka, Japan. For her art research, Terue Yamauchi explored the life culture of small fishing communities in Mindanao, including a remote paradisiacal island in Surigao del Sur and the Bajau communities in Davao.

Yamauchi had a public presentation of her work on her one-month artist residency with the fisherfolks of the Surigao del Sur island, and with the Sama Dilaut on March 11th at the Brgy. Matina Aplaya Gym in Davao; and in the evening, the artist met and networked with local artists in Davao at Silingan art space.

With the support of “Overseas Study Program for Artists”, the Agency for Cultural Affairs of Japan and our local partners the Barangay Matina Aplaya LGU. Thanks to: Adjari family, Badjao Association of Matina Aplaya, and Studiobugsy / Origane Films for providing technical assistance.

For pictures, check Terue Yamauchi’s album on Facebook!

+info: www.theunifiedfield.org/archives/4448

March – April 2015: Stine Gro is an experimental artist from Denmark. She worked on a remote island in Surigao del Sur on her new project “Mechanic.Trans-natural/Nature.Trans- mechanic”. She also present her art project in Davao city (Silingan art space, 12th April / UP Mindanao, 21st April) and conducted a workshop with local kids at The Unifiedfield’s headquarters in Mintal. A second workshop was conducted at the Earthship in Batug, Leyte, on how to build Magic Lanterns/Microscopic projectors (organized by The Unifiedfield in partnership with the Barangay Council of Brgy. Batug, and with the support of PeaceTauMindanaw, One Block for Batug, Earth Village. *Thanks to Gigi Velarde).

* With the support of The Danish Arts Foundation.

For pictures, check Stine Gro’s album on Facebook!

+info: www.theunifiedfield.org/archives/4508

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