ENG// The Unifiedfield is an independent art space and artist-run organization focusing on the experimental aspects of sound, video and performance art. It previously occupied a traditional complex amongst rice fields in Yogyakarta (Indonesia), subsequently moving into a cave in Granada (Spain) before settling in an antique building nestled in Granada’s historic Moorish quarters, the Albayzín, where it ran an artist residency for three years. The Unifiedfield Nomadic Artist-in-Residence Program in The Philippines was initiated in 2013 and is currently working in collaboration with Balud Art Network. Access to The Unifiedfield Nomadic Artist-in-Residence Program in The Philippines is open to all artists, filmmakers, musicians, writers and curators without restriction, but priority is given to artists working on environmental and relational, site-specifc projects on the experimental and interdisciplinary fringes.

ESP// The Unifiedfield / el campo unificado es un colectivo de artistas autogestionado y espacio artístico independiente centrado en los aspectos experimentales del sonido, el vídeo y el arte de performance. The Unifiedfield instaló su primera sede en un complejo tradicional rodeado de arrozales en Yogyakarta (Indonesia); posteriormente se trasladó a una cueva en Granada (España), para finalmente establecerse en un antiguo edificio ubicado en el barrio histórico del Albayzín, donde se llevó a cabo una residencia artística durante tres años. En 2013 The Unifiedfield inició un programa nómada de artistas en residencia en Filipinas en colaboración con Balud Art Network.

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We are about to launch a new nomadic residency program in Spain. Stay tuned!.
The project continues: The Unifiedfield / el campo unificado returns to the cave in Granada. Any volunteers to start a community garden? With Granada en Transición.

Interview about The Unifiedfield and The Unifiedfield Nomadic Artist-in-Residence Program in The Philippines.

The Unifiedfield Nomadic Artist-in-Residence Program in The Philippines´ NEW WEB: www.tufnomadicairph.org ONGOING OPEN CALL!


In October 2016, The Unifiedfield will start co-producing Future Communities: an interdisciplinary art workshop and collaborative video-performance, envisioning future sustainable models of community life in Mindanao, The Philippines.

Future Communities is the brainchild of Marta Moreno Muñoz, conceptualized in 2004 and reconceived with Angely Chi to fit the Philippine context. Funded by The National Commission for Culture and the Arts, the project is set to be implemented in a post-disaster community in Davao Oriental in collaboration with Balud Art Network, Switotwins, and Origane Films.


Terue Yamauchi, one of our artists-in-residence in 2015, will be returning this year for a three months residency in three areas in Mindanao to continue work on her art research project on traditional fishing communities and free diving cultural links in Asia.

As an important part of her second nomadic artist-in-residency project in Mindanao, she will be organizing a workshop entitled “Human Plastic Seascape” to examine, discuss, and creatively think of solutions with the local participants on how to tackle the local and global plastic/marine debris issues together. Each workshop will be organized based on the following contents: 1) Learning and realization of current situation; 2) Community cleanup with garbage segregation; 3) Rethinking waste materials and redesigning waste processing and products from waste materials; 4) Design implementation; and 5) Jumpstarting a community project/s. The conditions and situations unique and specific to each of the locations are expected to impact the contents of the workshop. After a workshop with adult participants in the island, Terue Yamauchi will conduct a series of waste management workshops with the children, ultimately resulting in the re-installation of segregation bins in garbage collection points. The community will undergo new series of workshops for the upcycling of the collected waste materials in upcoming residencies. Special thanks to the Bou Family, the Orillaneda Clan and the island community in Surigao del Sur for supporting the residency and its projects.

After spending a month on a remote island in Surigao del Sur, she will immerse once again with the Sama Bajau, Matina Aplaya community in Davao City for three weeks. She will conduct the last leg of her 2016 Philippine residency in two new sites from June-July. Returning to Davao City in the second week of July, she will finish preparations for her one-week exhibit. After Davao, she will fly to Manila to conduct one presentation about her project and residency experience at Green Papaya Art Projects, before going back to Japan.

MAGBAHA-O, an exhibition by Terue Yamauchi:

“In March 2015 and June 2016, I was given great opportunities to visit the Matina Aplaya Badjau Community in Davao City, and stay there for 10 days in each time as part of The Unifiedfield Nomadic Artist-in-Residence Program in the Philippines. The main purpose of my stays was to experience and explore their living practices and life culture developed by living on or by the sea. This year, I noticed ‘magbaha-o’ or transitions occurring in their day to day lives, be it the growth of children, generational shifts in family members, and the progressing influence from outside cultures as their living field has converted from sea to land, out of necessity and circumstance.

With this exhibition, I am presenting a body of work that aims to capture significant moments of transition I have witnessed in the community, such as sound recordings and video installations of the freely improvised songs of a Bajau grandfather to his grandchild’s lullabies.
By setting the exhibition within the community, I hope to create a space for individuals from within and outside to encounter diversity in human experience, and the existing “organic intelligence” among the Bajau”.

Assisted by Angely Chi, co-director of The Unifiedfield Nomadic Artist-in-Residence Program in The Philippines.

*Project funded by The Japan Foundation Asia Center Fellowship Program.

‘Supercargo: a Parable of Desire’ is a visual research project by Peter Moosgaard, investigating new cargo cults, consumerist archetypes and global material culture. Peter Moosgaard will work on his project in Siquijor island, and will give a presentation at Silliman University, before heading to a remote island. In Davao City, he will conduct a series of workshops and will participate at a forum about cultural appropriation co-organized by The Unifiedfield with the Department of Anthropology, University of Philippines Mindanao.

*Project funded by BMUKK, NÖ Kultur, and Austrian Embassy Manila / Österreichische Botschaft Manila.

The Unifiedfield Nomadic Artist-in-Residence Program in the Philippines has also selected artist Taguchi Motohide’s (Japan) proposal for residency in 2016. He is currently pending approval to his grant application.

Taguchi Motohide plans with ‘Creating Ritual on the War Time Memories’ to make a musical piece in the form of a ritual through workshops with young local music groups focusing on the memories of war time during the Japanese occupation period in the Philippines. The number of survivors who have experienced the war and have lived to tell their stories have decreased through the years, hence this is the last term in which younger generations will have a chance to listen to the experiences of these survivors. Mohotide’s project will offer important experiences for thinking about the war to both the artist and local participants through a series of interviews and composing music together.


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