ENG// The Unifiedfield is an independent art space and artist-run organization focusing on the experimental aspects of sound, video and performance art. It previously occupied a traditional complex amongst rice fields in Yogyakarta (Indonesia), subsequently moving into a cave in Granada (Spain) before settling in an antique building nestled in Granada’s historic Moorish quarters, the Albayzín, where it currently runs an artist residency. In 2013 The Unifiedfield initiated its Nomadic Artist-in-Residence Program in The Philippines and it is planning to establish a permanent residency in Siargao island any time soon.

ES// The Unifiedfield / el campo unificado es un colectivo de artistas autogestionado y espacio artístico independiente centrado en los aspectos experimentales del sonido, el vídeo y el arte de performance. The Unifiedfield instaló su primera sede en un complejo tradicional rodeado de arrozales en Yogyakarta (Indonesia); posteriormente se trasladó a una cueva en Granada (España), para finalmente establecerse en un antiguo edificio ubicado en el barrio histórico del Albayzín donde en la actualidad se está llevando a cabo una residencia artística. En 2013 The Unifiedfield inició un programa nómada de artistas en residencia en Filipinas y en breve establecerá una residencia permanente en la isla de Siargao.

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Nomadic Artist-In-Residence Program in THE PHILIPPINES: PDF.
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Programme#22 in Granada.
August: Parad is0, a residency project by Salud López

*Public event: 28th August, 20.00 at The Unifiedfield.

Salud López (Seville, Spain) is the founder and director of LaboratorioSLD. Since 1990 she also directs the contemporary dance company Octubredanza. Graduated in Philosophy and Educational Sciences at University of Seville, she studied in other national and international schools and companies. In 2005 her company created Corporate Sevilla Dance. Her choreographic collaborations include prominent artists, such as Andrés Marín, Israel Galván, and the Northern Stage Company of Newcastle. López is the artistic director and responsible of Project Endanza Lugar de Creación (Seville 2000), supporting companies, groups and agencies in the creation and dissemination of performance projects, and Bauhaus Catedrales-Catedral Cinética-Cadenas de Cristal of the international program Mira! (Culture 2000).  On a pedagogical strand, Lopez set the Master of the Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in London, and she was coordinator at Centro de Actividades Flamencas Mario Maya (1996-1998). Founder of the Association of friends and dance professionals, organizer of the Forum for the Development of Dance in Andalusia (2006), she developed the research “New sources for improving the quality of employment and employability of workers in the field of dance.” López is currently director of PistaDigital and award “Creativa” (2007).  She also provides training in dance in Spain and abroad. At present López is creating the performance “Parad is0, no hay billetes”.

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Parad is0: a dance – fiction , thinking, ethical – aesthetic project.

“Following the creation of a training to be followed by interpreters of the work Parad is0 , this process of creation and the training itself, in its different stages are open to other interested people. It is a training on the physical, mental and spiritual and that it begins with a deep observation of our inner organs and its relationship to thought and language , in the construction of the different exercises with which will experience. Open to all persons interested in starting this research and develop in related fields, as the creative , therapeutic, educational, scientific , personal. Parad is0 project reflects about how it would be the development of thought in relation to evolutionary events and how they adapt to the experience of fragmentation (dystopian perception ) not only considering  an internal way , but as a continuity with the external, considering that we could have extension of our brains through different devices : choreography , body , screens and graphics, software, lighting , thought, physical – sound, photo-sensitive…”

* Collaboration between Salud López and Agencia Andaluza de Instituciones Culturales Junta de Andalucía for the creation of the play “Paraíso”-”Parad is o , no hay billetes. Past artist residencies for the creation of this project: Centre Culturel Bellegarde (Mairie de Toulouse) et l’atelier Multimédia, Universidade Aberta Lisboa, PostHuman Corporealities, Cia Coda Norma, Málaga Danza, DanÇas Híbridas en Monte Das Uvas Loulé, (Algarve).



The Unifiedfield is Marta Moreno Muñoz and Tara Transitory.

The Unifiedfield experimental art space. Carrera del Darro, 15, 2 dcha. Granada.